Dear Friends,

Our schedule has been heavy but God has given many blessings. We are still healthy, but we hate to get covid tests every time we need to travel. Every time we try to get a newsletter started, something happens or something breaks or a heavy part of the schedule arrives. Sorry for the delays, but we are glad to report that the ministry here has been increasing.

We recently finished the first class in a new Ukrainian city and more than 60 students came (89 came for at least one day). In September we went to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and Ron taught Christology - all about Jesus Christ. What a wonderful savior we have. It was a five hour train ride to get there and after that class we boarded an airplane and took a short flight to Armenia where we are having another class. Tanya, our translator and Nancy's admin assistant, wrote the following note about the Bible college class we will complete in two days.

Right now we are having a class “Bibliology” (about the Bible inspiration, etc.) in Yerevan, Armenia for our Bible college IBBC. We have had a great time there. Every evening students came to class and prof. Ron Minton taught and explained them such an interesting, large topic. They had many questions and we had also discussions on them. Everyone had an opportunity to find the answer or understanding of some things that they were concerned about. Also there were several quizzes and exam that were helpful to sum everything up. Knowing the foundations of the Bible has a great importance and gives an ability to share our knowledge correctly and have better understanding ourselves.

We also had our first class in Estonia, but there were three problems, partly covid related, that arose and we had only a partial class, but for the next class we will have plenty of preparation time.

In December we will go to the States and do all of our annual medical checkups, etc. Then we will visit churches for four months before returning to Ukraine in late April.

Prayer Items:

  1. for our next classes - covid is increasing again.
  2. for wisdom on how to help some struggling believers over here.
  3. for a second worker - the Bible college growth brings more admin and other work.
  4. for more students in our college and in our sister college in Kiev where we teach some.

Thank you so much for helping us win Ukrainians for Christ.

We count you among our dear friends. Pray for Peace in Ukraine.

Хвала Христу, Он спас меня!
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